Love Relationships and Secret Numbers

As love cries out to quench our soul,
To fill our heart and make us whole,
Within our names the secret slumbers.
Behold! The answer lies within our numbers!

Love. Ah, love! How profound. How grand. How majestic and magnetic. Arguably, nothing in the history of man has captivated him more than love. It is the elixir that quenches both heart, mind and soul, and yet its secrets remain hidden, or do they?

With the rise of broken marriages, broken homes, unhappy children separated from the loving embrace of both a mother and father, as well as an endless stream of individuals experiencing ephemeral and empty relationships, it is all too apparent that the process of love and the choosing of a life partner need overhauling. There is far too much pain, too many tears, too much heartache and heartbreak to maintain the current direction of generating fulfilling love matches. The method for creating relationships needs to be revolutionized and that revolution is centered, as remarkably as it may seem, in the birth names and birth dates of each of us.

Numbers rule the universe said the famed mathematician and scientist Pythagoras. Because numbers rule the universe, they rule everything in it including love and relationships. The key numbers of each individual’s name and birth date contain the secrets to love for the individual. When those numbers are matched correctly to another person’s numbers, a strong, fulfilling, and enduring relationship can be achieved. Divorces will be fewer, as will broken homes, broken relationships, broken hearts, heartbroken children and broken lives.

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