Love Myth #2 – There’s Someone for Everyone

Perhaps one of the most common myths in the subject of love is that there’s someone for everyone. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Some of us have destinies which call for us to live a solitary life. Some destinies call for a lifelong marriage. Other destinies feature multiple marriages; others no marriages at all but assorted relationships, and still other destinies feature a variety of relationships and marriages. An objective view of life will verify the truth that in spite of what we may want to believe – that there’s someone for everyone – the reality of life does not reflect such a myth.

When we move beyond the myth that there’s someone for everyone, we begin to expand our awareness by ridding ourselves of one more of life’s illusions. With this expansion of reality, we have the opportunity to become more aware, more wise, more centered and balanced. In effect, we become more whole. We see the truth and therefore suffer less from relationship myopia, even relationship blindness.

The truth of our destiny can actually be seen in our numbers. As a general rule, people whose numerology charts reflect a large amount of 1, 5 and 7 energy will potentially lead a solo and/or solitary life. The 1 rules independence; the 5 governs freedom, and the 7 reflects solitude. These are not social numbers, and so when they are very active in a chart, being solo, independent and solitary are the likely results. People whose charts reflect a large amount of 1, 5 and 7 energy often love to be single, free and solitary and don’t resonate with having a close personal relationship.

On the other hand, people with a large amount of the social numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8, will most likely enjoy the energy of others and have destinies rooted in relationship, partnership, companionship, teamwork, service and the family environment. The number 2 is the first vibration of relationship; 4 governs the structure, rules, work and service of the relationship; 6 rules the love, nurturing, tenderness, devotion and domesticity of the relationship, and the 8 involves the management, orchestration, connection and flow of the relationship. Therefore, when all the social numbers are present in a chart, the potential for close personal relationships such as marriage or long-term associations are highly possible and positive.

Of course the factors in a chart reflecting the relationship life of a person are complex. Each person’s chart is different and specific to that person. The information in this blog post is only general in scope. Its purpose is to illustrate that the numbers and letters of the full birth name tell us much regarding the relationship aspect of a person’s life and serve to dispel the myth that there’s someone for everyone.

To learn more about these relationship concepts read Your Love Numbers: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves & Relationships. A home study course is also available for a very reasonable fee. The book, the course and numerology services are available through and For more books on numerology, especially The King’s Book of Numerology series, visit or Richard’s Author Page at





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Love Myth #1 – Opposites Attract

We’ve all heard that in the game of love opposites attract, right? Actually “opposites attract” is a myth. The truth of all great relationships is that like-kind energies attract. Since energies can be identified by numbers, it follows that like-kind numbers attract. When becoming involved in a new relationship or in understanding relationships at their core, remembering that like-kind energies attract will be highly beneficial.

For example, the King’s Numerologytm teaches there are three sets of numbers the ciphers to which are in direct opposition one to the other. Those three sets of numerical opposites are: 1-2, 4-5, 7-8.

One vs. Two

The number 1 is a fire sign. The number 2 is a water sign. Obviously, fire and water do not blend well, even though they can create a lot of steam. Additionally, the number 1 rules the male; the number 2 rules the female. Obviously again, men and women are very different, if not opposite, in the way they think and manage life. More opposites are that the number 1 rules direct action; the number 2, indirect action. 1 leads; 2 follows and supports. 1 is independent; 2 is dependent. 1 carries a positive charge; 2 carries a negative charge.

The irony of the 1-2 pairing is that although 1 and 2 are direct opposites, when combined, the result is the number 3, the number ruling children, joy, happiness, communication, sex. Therefore, males (1) and females (2), although opposite in their basic natures, combine to create children (3) and thereby propagate the species through sexual interaction (3).

Four vs. Five

The number 4 is an earth sign. The number 5 is a fire sign. Like fire and water, fire and earth are also not compatible. Additionally, 4 governs convention and tradition, while 5 rules non-convention and non-tradition. 4s love to be secure; 5s love to be free. The best way to love a 4 person is with arms that enwrap, while the best way to love a 5 person is with open arms. 4 loves security and practicality; 5 embraces risk and adventure. 4 is regular; 5 is irregular. Therefore, what a 5 person sees as an exiting experience, the 4 person may think such an experience is too impractical and unreasonable, not to mention dangerous. The 4 carries a negative charge, the 5 carries a positive charge.

Seven vs. Eight

The number 7 is an air sign; the number 8 is an earth sign. 7 is the most internal of all numbers, but 8 is the most external. 7s require solitude; 8s require social involvement. 7s are quite comfortable living in their minds, while 8s love to be the movers and shakers of society. 7s are loners; 8s are managers. The 7 is the person at a party standing in a corner observing, thinking and assessing the situation; the 8 is the one moving from person to person shaking hands, giving hugs and pats on the back. The 7 is perfectly at home in a cave; the 8 abhors caves and seeks its refuge among groups and functions. The 7 carries a positive charge; the 8 is a negative charge.

As a general rule, the odd numbers: 1-3-5-7-9, all of which carry a positive charge, resonate with each other, while the even numbers: 2-4-6-8, all of which carry a negative charge, resonate with their kind.

The message here, as we can see, is that opposites do not attract. Thus, it is critical to understand these differences in order to manage a relationship, or more importantly, enter into a marriage or long-term relationship.

What are your numbers? Those of your spouse or partner? Family members? Friends? Business associates? These are all available in each person’s Loveline (aka, Basic Matrix). It is the firm belief of the King’s Numerologytm that when individuals take the time to understand the numbers of the people with whom they are engaged in any kind of relationship – romantic, familial, domestic, business, social or professional – those relationships will be greatly enhanced and appreciated.

To learn these relationship concepts, read Your Love Numbers: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves & Relationships. A home study course is also available for a very reasonable fee. The book, the course and numerology services are available through and

For more books on numerology, visit or Richard’s Author Page at





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The Number 5 – Blessing or Curse? Freedom or Slavery?

The number 5 is important to understand from a freedom standpoint. Why? Because the opposite side of freedom is slavery. In relationships, this can be a problem.

The number 5 and America’s love affair with freedom is the focus of the article: “America, Freedom and the Number 5 – Blessing or Curse? It’s link is:

Read more about the Number 5 on Richard King’s website: It’s link is:

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Love Relationships and Secret Numbers

As love cries out to quench our soul,
To fill our heart and make us whole,
Within our names the secret slumbers.
Behold! The answer lies within our numbers!

Love. Ah, love! How profound. How grand. How majestic and magnetic. Arguably, nothing in the history of man has captivated him more than love. It is the elixir that quenches both heart, mind and soul, and yet its secrets remain hidden, or do they?

With the rise of broken marriages, broken homes, unhappy children separated from the loving embrace of both a mother and father, as well as an endless stream of individuals experiencing ephemeral and empty relationships, it is all too apparent that the process of love and the choosing of a life partner need overhauling. There is far too much pain, too many tears, too much heartache and heartbreak to maintain the current direction of generating fulfilling love matches. The method for creating relationships needs to be revolutionized and that revolution is centered, as remarkably as it may seem, in the birth names and birth dates of each of us.

Numbers rule the universe said the famed mathematician and scientist Pythagoras. Because numbers rule the universe, they rule everything in it including love and relationships. The key numbers of each individual’s name and birth date contain the secrets to love for the individual. When those numbers are matched correctly to another person’s numbers, a strong, fulfilling, and enduring relationship can be achieved. Divorces will be fewer, as will broken homes, broken relationships, broken hearts, heartbroken children and broken lives.

Read the full article here:

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Unrequited Love – Why Can’t You Love Me Back?

Have you ever loved someone deeply but they haven’t loved you back? There are reasons for this heart-breaking scenario of unrequited love. The secret of this heartache is, of all places, in your numbers.

Ah, Love! How tender, sweet the world ’round;
It’s sovereignty unquestioned and profound;
But of all the hurts and weeping raining down,
Unrequited love displays the crown.

Copyright Richard Andrew King

Is there anything more heart-wrenching than loving someone but not having them love you back, in not having your love returned to you as it is so honestly and faithfully given? “Why,” we may ask ourselves, “why can’t the person I love so much love me in return?” Unrequited love is truly one of the primary reasons for a broken heart.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible for someone to love us back. Why? Because love and attraction are based on energy. That energy is defined by numbers, just like sound and light can be identified by numbers. Our energies, i.e., our numbers, may work extremely well in blending with another person from us to him or her but that person’s numbers may not blend with our energies, our numbers. Simply said, if the numbers between two people don’t harmonize, mutual love simply can’t materialize.

Read more here:

To learn more about love and numbers, go to and check out the Your Love Numbers book and/or Home Study Course.

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Hello All Who Seek Great Relationships!

Hello everyone. I’m numerologist Richard Andrew King. I’ve studied the relationship between people’s numbers [based on their full birth names and birthdates] and their personal relationships, and the results are truly amazing. These can be any kind of relationships – romantic, domestic, social, business, parent-child, etc. This blog is dedicated to helping people discover how they can understand, improve and create great relationships based on the numbers of the people involved. This may sound unbelievable, but it is true. In my book, Your Love Numbers: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves, and Relationships [available at and through my website,,] I explain how this is done. I’ve also created a home study course at Additionally, I consult and help people understand their relationships. If you’re interested, you can contact me through my main website, or

God Speed.

Richard Andrew King


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