Love Myth #1 – Opposites Attract

We’ve all heard that in the game of love opposites attract, right? Actually “opposites attract” is a myth. The truth of all great relationships is that like-kind energies attract. Since energies can be identified by numbers, it follows that like-kind numbers attract. When becoming involved in a new relationship or in understanding relationships at their core, remembering that like-kind energies attract will be highly beneficial.

For example, the King’s Numerologytm teaches there are three sets of numbers the ciphers to which are in direct opposition one to the other. Those three sets of numerical opposites are: 1-2, 4-5, 7-8.

One vs. Two

The number 1 is a fire sign. The number 2 is a water sign. Obviously, fire and water do not blend well, even though they can create a lot of steam. Additionally, the number 1 rules the male; the number 2 rules the female. Obviously again, men and women are very different, if not opposite, in the way they think and manage life. More opposites are that the number 1 rules direct action; the number 2, indirect action. 1 leads; 2 follows and supports. 1 is independent; 2 is dependent. 1 carries a positive charge; 2 carries a negative charge.

The irony of the 1-2 pairing is that although 1 and 2 are direct opposites, when combined, the result is the number 3, the number ruling children, joy, happiness, communication, sex. Therefore, males (1) and females (2), although opposite in their basic natures, combine to create children (3) and thereby propagate the species through sexual interaction (3).

Four vs. Five

The number 4 is an earth sign. The number 5 is a fire sign. Like fire and water, fire and earth are also not compatible. Additionally, 4 governs convention and tradition, while 5 rules non-convention and non-tradition. 4s love to be secure; 5s love to be free. The best way to love a 4 person is with arms that enwrap, while the best way to love a 5 person is with open arms. 4 loves security and practicality; 5 embraces risk and adventure. 4 is regular; 5 is irregular. Therefore, what a 5 person sees as an exiting experience, the 4 person may think such an experience is too impractical and unreasonable, not to mention dangerous. The 4 carries a negative charge, the 5 carries a positive charge.

Seven vs. Eight

The number 7 is an air sign; the number 8 is an earth sign. 7 is the most internal of all numbers, but 8 is the most external. 7s require solitude; 8s require social involvement. 7s are quite comfortable living in their minds, while 8s love to be the movers and shakers of society. 7s are loners; 8s are managers. The 7 is the person at a party standing in a corner observing, thinking and assessing the situation; the 8 is the one moving from person to person shaking hands, giving hugs and pats on the back. The 7 is perfectly at home in a cave; the 8 abhors caves and seeks its refuge among groups and functions. The 7 carries a positive charge; the 8 is a negative charge.

As a general rule, the odd numbers: 1-3-5-7-9, all of which carry a positive charge, resonate with each other, while the even numbers: 2-4-6-8, all of which carry a negative charge, resonate with their kind.

The message here, as we can see, is that opposites do not attract. Thus, it is critical to understand these differences in order to manage a relationship, or more importantly, enter into a marriage or long-term relationship.

What are your numbers? Those of your spouse or partner? Family members? Friends? Business associates? These are all available in each person’s Loveline (aka, Basic Matrix). It is the firm belief of the King’s Numerologytm that when individuals take the time to understand the numbers of the people with whom they are engaged in any kind of relationship – romantic, familial, domestic, business, social or professional – those relationships will be greatly enhanced and appreciated.

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