Love Myth #2 – There’s Someone for Everyone

Perhaps one of the most common myths in the subject of love is that there’s someone for everyone. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Some of us have destinies which call for us to live a solitary life. Some destinies call for a lifelong marriage. Other destinies feature multiple marriages; others no marriages at all but assorted relationships, and still other destinies feature a variety of relationships and marriages. An objective view of life will verify the truth that in spite of what we may want to believe – that there’s someone for everyone – the reality of life does not reflect such a myth.

When we move beyond the myth that there’s someone for everyone, we begin to expand our awareness by ridding ourselves of one more of life’s illusions. With this expansion of reality, we have the opportunity to become more aware, more wise, more centered and balanced. In effect, we become more whole. We see the truth and therefore suffer less from relationship myopia, even relationship blindness.

The truth of our destiny can actually be seen in our numbers. As a general rule, people whose numerology charts reflect a large amount of 1, 5 and 7 energy will potentially lead a solo and/or solitary life. The 1 rules independence; the 5 governs freedom, and the 7 reflects solitude. These are not social numbers, and so when they are very active in a chart, being solo, independent and solitary are the likely results. People whose charts reflect a large amount of 1, 5 and 7 energy often love to be single, free and solitary and don’t resonate with having a close personal relationship.

On the other hand, people with a large amount of the social numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8, will most likely enjoy the energy of others and have destinies rooted in relationship, partnership, companionship, teamwork, service and the family environment. The number 2 is the first vibration of relationship; 4 governs the structure, rules, work and service of the relationship; 6 rules the love, nurturing, tenderness, devotion and domesticity of the relationship, and the 8 involves the management, orchestration, connection and flow of the relationship. Therefore, when all the social numbers are present in a chart, the potential for close personal relationships such as marriage or long-term associations are highly possible and positive.

Of course the factors in a chart reflecting the relationship life of a person are complex. Each person’s chart is different and specific to that person. The information in this blog post is only general in scope. Its purpose is to illustrate that the numbers and letters of the full birth name tell us much regarding the relationship aspect of a person’s life and serve to dispel the myth that there’s someone for everyone.

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